Past Perfect Continuous Tense (Bahasa)

Had + Been + V-ing

Past Perfect Continuous menekankan pada lamanya waktu (duration) suatu aktifitas yang sedang berlangsung, terjadi sebelum aktifitas yang lain (atau waktu) di masa lampau:
-     I had been learning English for three years before I entered University.
-     The guest had been waiting for almost two hours before the secretary finally told her that the manager was too busy to see her.
-     Sarah came to the party at 8.00 pm last night. Andrew had been waiting for her since the party started. (‘Andrew had been waiting’ (Past Perfect Continuous) dilakukan selama ‘since the party started’.
Terjadi sebelum ‘Sarah came to the party’)

Past Perfect Continuous bisa juga menyatakan suatu aktifitas yang baru saja terjadi sehubungan dengan sesuatu yang lain (atau waktu yang lain) di masa lampau:
-     When Andrew entered the class room this morning, he was out of breath. He had been running.
-     My hands were covered in paint when Sarah came. I had been painting the wall.
-     Jane’s eyes were red because she had been sleeping. (Matanya Jane terlihat merah menggunakan to be ‘WERE’ yang menunjukkan waktu lampau (Past). Matanya merah karena sebelumnya dia baru saja tidur. Aktifitas tidur menggunakan Past Perfect Continuous)

Past Perfect Continuous adalah bentuk lampau (Past) dari Present Perfect Continuous

I hope the meeting starts soon. I have been waiting for 30 minutes
Finally the meeting began. I had been waiting for 30 minutes
Sarah is sleepy. She has been staying awake
Sarah was sleepy this morning when the class started. She had been staying awake
My hands are dirty. I have been repairing my motor cycle
My hands were dirty. I had been repairing my motor cycle

My hands are dirty = Present Simple
I have been repairing my motorcycle = Present Perfect Continuous

My hands were dirty = Past Simple
I had been repairing my motorcycle = Past Perfect Continuous

Perhatikan perbedaan antara Past Continuous dan Past Perfect Continuous dalam contoh situasi berikut:
-     My parents were watching Television when I came. But I saw my mother’s eyes were red, I was sure that they had been quarreling. 

When I came = menggunakan V2 menunjukkan aktifitas yang terjadi di waktu lampau (past)
My parents were watching TV= Past Continuous. sebelum I came mereka sudah watching TV, dan saat I came mereka masih sedang watching TV
They had been quarreling = Past Perfect Continuous. Terjadi sebelum watching TV, dan efeknya masih ada saat watching TV yaitu my mother eye’s were red

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