Present Future Perfect Tense

Will + Have + V3 (Past Participle)

Present Future Perfect is used to tell that an activity or situation will be completed before another activity or situation in the future:
-     I will finish my study in July. I will get married in August. By the time I get married, I will have finished my study:

First Activity: I will finish my study
Second Activity: I will get married
Both activity are going to be done in the future (Future action). Before doing the second activity, the first activity will be completed in advance. So the first activity uses WILL + HAVE + V3

Other Examples:
-     I will have submitted my paper by the time I have lunch.
-     Sarah always goes to school at 7.00 in the morning, so she won’t be at home at 8 o’clock. She will have gone to school.
-     I want to see a football match on TV. But I’m still at work now. The match will already have started by the time I get home.

BY THE TIME is used to inform time / situation that happens after situation / activity which uses Present Future Perfect

After BY THE TIME we use Present Simple (V1)

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