Past Future Perfect Continuous Tense (Bahasa)


Seperti halnya Present Future Perfect Continuous, Past Future Perfect Continuous juga menekankan pada berapa lama (duration) proses suatu aktifitas yang akan terjadi sebelum waktu/kejadian lain di masa yang akan datang (future), tapi yang diceritakan adalah masa lampau (past):
-     I started to study at 7 pm yesterday. Kevin would get home at 8 pm. By the time Kevin got home, I would have been studying for one hour.

Memberikan informasi yang menekankan pada durasi/lamanya belajar yang akan sudah dilakukan pada saat Kevin datang jam 8 tadi malam

Contoh Lain:
-     The film would have been playing for 15 minutes by the time my parents came last night.
-     When you came to my house at 8 o’clock last night, I would have been working on my paper for 30 minutes.
-     I was still at work at 9 pm yesterday evening. Usually my son goes to bed at 9 pm. So by the time I got home, my son would have been sleeping for 1 hour.
-     By March last year, we would have been living here for six years.

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