Past Future Perfect Continuous Tense


Just like Present Future Perfect Continuous, Past Future Perfect Continuous also emphasizes on the duration of process of an activity that will happen before another time / another situation in the future, but the activity / situation told happened in the past:
-     I started to study at 7.00 pm yesterday. Kevin would get home at 8.00 pm. By the time Kevin got home, I would have been studying for one hour.

Giving the information that emphasizes on the duration of the study that will have been done by the time Kevin arrived at 8.00 last night.

Other Examples:
-     The film would have been playing for 15 minutes by the time my parents came last night.
-     When you came to my house at 8 o’clock last night, I would have been working on my paper for 30 minutes.
-     I was still at work at 9 pm yesterday evening. Usually my son goes to bed at 9 pm. So by the time I got home, my son would have been sleeping for 1 hour.
-     By March last year, we would have been living here for six years.

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