Past Future Perfect Tense (Bahasa)


Past Future Perfect digunakan untuk menyatakan  bahwa suatu kejadian atau aktifitas akan sudah selesai dilaksanakan (completed) pada waktu tertentu di masa lalu:
-     There was a meeting in the office at 8.00 am yesterday. I was invited to attend the meeting. But I got up from bed at 9.00. So I decided not to attend the meeting because I was sure that the meeting would have finished by the time I arrived.
-     The manager would have signed his resignation letter on Saturday afternoon last week.
-     Kevin told me that he would visit me at 7.00 pm yesterday. I asked him to come at 8.00 pm because I would have finished my dinner by then.
-     When I started doing my paper last Monday, I was quite sure that I would have finished it by Friday but it’s already Saturday now and it hasn’t finished yet.

Sekarang hari Sabtu (Present)
Saya mulai mengerjakan tugas pada hari Senin yang lalu (Past)
Pada hari Senin tersebut saya berfikir bahwa tugas saya akan sudah selesai pada hari Jum’at.
Kalau sekarang hari Sabtu, maka Jum’at kemarin adalah waktu lampau (Past). Tapi kalau di lihat dari hari Senin yang lalu, maka hari Jum’at kemarin adalah masa akan datang (Future).
Maka dari situasi di atas, hari Jum’at adalah Past Future.
Jadi tugas saya akan sudah selesai pada hari Jum’at menggunakan Past Future Perfect (Would + Have + V3)

Past Future Perfect juga digunakan dalam kalimat pengandaian (Conditional Sentence):
-     If he had invited me, I would have come to his party.
-     If I had known he was ill, I would have visited him.
-     I would have bought you a new cell phone if you had told me it was lost.

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