Past Future Perfect Tense


Past Future Perfect is used to say that an activity or a situation would have been completed at a certain time in the past:
-     There was a meeting in the office at 8.00 am yesterday. I was invited to attend the meeting. But I got up from bed at 9.00. So I decided not to attend the meeting because I was sure that the meeting would have finished by the time I arrived.
-     The manager would have signed his resignation letter on Saturday afternoon last week.
-     Kevin told me that he would visit me at 7.00 pm yesterday. I asked him to come at 8.00 pm because I would have finished my dinner by then.
-     When I started doing my paper last Monday, I was quite sure that I would have finished it by Friday but it’s already Saturday now and it hasn’t finished yet.

Today is Saturday (Present)
I started to do my paper last Monday (Past)

On that Monday I thought that my paper would have finished on Friday.

If today is Saturday, then Friday is the past, but if we look it from last Monday, then Friday is a future time.

So from the above situation, Friday is Past Future.

That's why, I would have finished my paper uses Past Future Perfect (Would + Have + V3)

Past Future Perfect is also used in Conditional Sentence:
-     If he had invited me, I would have come to his party.
-     If I had known he was ill, I would have visited him.
-     I would have bought you a new cell phone if you had told me it was lost.

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